Vintage & Visionary - Roanoke, VA

This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to preach, lead a workshop and keynote at 2nd Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, VA. Rev. Elizabeth Smith, Rev. Dr. Gorge Anderson and the whole congregation welcomed me with open arms and lots of love.  I am grateful for such wonderful opportunity and good time!  

With the youth of the Roanoke area, we explored the origins of Christian worship and the importance of having and celebrating the arts especially music in worship. We talked about the need to think about worship as a relevant expression of our world, time and context. This helps us to continue to look at worship in a personal way but also as a thing we do and only comes alive in and through community.  I had the wonderful joy to engage in this musical journey with Eric Nanz on the guitar, his wife Alana on the keys and Eric's sister: Lindsay on the sax.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and passion for music with me and the wonderful group of young people that night!

I look forward to continue this conversation in other places and with other communities.  But more than anything, to empower our young generation to re-embrace worship in a new vibrant way as they show us the ways in which the Spirit of Love continues to transform us.  

If you sing, sing from the top of your lungs. Sing a new song!

If you dance, dance with joy. Let your whole body become the movement that brings about healing.

Let your true passions and joys celebrate the presence of love and grace with and through one another!

Let's be vintage. Let's be visionary! 

Hope to see you soon!