New Release: Una Cancion de Paz


I want to share with you my new song: Una Cancion de Paz/A Song of Peace. 

I started working on this song a few years ago and never had the chance to finish it. An invitation to work on a very special project called arrived and gave me the last push to finalize the song. A Life Well Loved, is a special compilation of songs in memory of my dear friend Aimee Wallace Buchanan. She was an amazing human being and a true example of grace, love, and compassion. I am honored to be part of this project and hope you take the time to check out her wonderful ministry and legacy.     

The song was recorded and produced with the collaboration of Jeffrey Harper. It is both in English and Spanish and centered around the idea of unity, contemplation, peace and love. Many times, we just go about our lives without stoping for a moment an notice the blessings and gifts of the present moment. When we do this, we have an opportunity to center ourselves and connect with one another. This brings us together as one people and offers us the space to overcome our fears, pains and sorrows.  I hope you will enjoy the song and embrace the invitation to hear the echoes of a new song, a new song of love.

Click the audio link below or go to the front page of the website and click play! Enjoy! 

Here are the lyrics... 

Una Canción de Paz

Si me detengo un momento,

Puedo escuchar las aves cantar.

Si me detengo un momento,

Puedo apreciar tu creación.

Y es que tu estas en mi.

Puedo sentir tu amor.

Puedo cantar una nueva canción de amor,

una canción de paz.

Ayúdame a ver con tus ojos

Y poner a un lado mi orgullo,

Derrumbar todas las barreras

Verte dentro y fuera de mi.

Déjame ver mas allá

Restaurar y perdonar

Cantar una nueva canción de amor,

una canción de paz

We are one together

No more pain or sorrow

I hear echoes of a new song of love

I hear echoes of a new song of hope,

a new song of love

Cantar una nueva canción de amor,

una canción de paz

Words & Music by Jorge Sayago-Gonzalez ® 2013