2014 Annual Recreation Workshop

It's so life giving to engage in good conversations with people! This week, I have been very fortunate to lead the music at the 2014 Annual Recreation Workshop Conference for PCUSA Youth Workers at Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, NC.  Like always, coming to the mountains is simply majestic. However, this week has been very special. I am thankful for all the energy that you all have given me and the opportunity to sing and dance with laughter and joy.  

Thank you Jay Banasiak, Aaron Houghton, Cliff Haddox, Joyce, and the master of the strings: Eric Nanz. Working with you guys it is simply too much fun!

I also want to thank the wonderful group of folks who decided to join me in a 4 day workshop where we look at worship, music, theology, social dynamics and spiritual transformation. Our conversations were deep and thoughtful. I hope, we all had an opportunity to learn new things and be reminded of the ever present love around us.

Last but not least, thanks Mark and Cheryl Goodman-Morris, Noelle Gibbs, Ashley Pogue and Mark Montgomery! Your way of presenting the Gospel through the arts and theater was exactly the much needed boost of creativity and inspiration I needed! I feel very honored to get to be part of your creative and innovative ministry and I look forward to passing it along.

May the music around you transform your soul with new life!